Glenwood Customer List

Spring 2009

Service is more than sales calls.

It's being there for you at the beginning of your project

and after the mold is delivered.

It's listening to your needs, as well as offering suggestions.

It's respecting your business as if it were our own.

It's knowing that your success is our success.

Thermoplastics                                                  Thermosets                         

Admo                                                                                  Aerojet              

Akka Plastics                                                                      Davies Molding                              

Davies Molding                                                                   Electrolux

Electrolux                                                                           Fox Valley Molding 

Fox Valley Molding                                                                           MCM Composites

                                                                            Rose Polymers 


Rubber                                                               Dies

SKF                                                                                     Dana                                                                                 SKF Aerospace